Nigerian Based Malaysia Big Boy Hushpuppi Reveals Unlike Dammy Krane Who Deals With Credit Cards

Hushpuppi reaction to Dammy Krane Arrest – He revealed that he does his transactions with cash unlike the latter who used credit cards


Following the arrest of Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane, Nigerians have been giving out all sorts of advices to Hushpuppi, the Nigerian big boy who lives in Malaysia.

Since many Nigerians have no clue about the kind of business the Malaysian big boy does, some of them took it upon themselves to warn him as scores predict that he may be the next Nigerian in line to be exposed.

Dammy Krane who was arrested in the United States for grand theft and fraud was said to have tried out up to five credit cards in an attempt to pay for a transaction.

One of Hushpuppi’s fans took to his Instagram page to warn him about his lavish lifestyle after he posted a picture of himself and a white guy sleeping on a private jet.

The concerned fan warned him about his activity citing the embattled Nigerian singer as an example. Hushpuppi then replied the young man by saying he does not do his transactions using credit cards.

He then told him that all his transactions are paid for in cash.

Check out some classy photos of Hushpuppi:

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